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Schalltechnik Dr.-Ing SCHOEPS GmbH has been manufacturing

professional condenser microphones in Karlsruhe, Germany since

1948. The emphasis has always been on making high quality

microphones that are reliable & have an accurate, neutral sound.

Over the years, Schoeps has developed groundbreaking products

such as the modular Colette Series with an array of active

accessories, the CCM Series which are the smallest non-electret

microphones in the world and the SuperCMIT Digital Shotgun

Microphone. They continue to innovate and it is this approach to

engineering, aesthetics and detail that make them the first choice

for audio professionals the world over.

Schoeps maintain a comprehensive & detailed website which you

can link to below. There you will find complete product listings as

well as a wealth of technical information and literature, downloads

to help you select the product that best meets your needs. If you

can’t find what you need, ioCo are on-hand to lend a helping hand.