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Rycote was founded in 1969 by an engineer with a problem -

how to make audio recordings on location uninterrupted by

the sound of the wind. The innovative, straightforward

approach to problem solving that led to the creation of the

first Rycote windshields - made by professionals,

for professionals still drives the company over 40 years later.

Over the decades, Rycote has always produced precision

designs to high standards which have taken advantage of

emerging manufacturing techniques, technologies and materials. At the dawn of the company, the then new lightweight plastics, an air cylinder salvaged from a skip and a domestic iron played a key role in the creation and assembly of the first Rycote products; more recently, the arrival of open-cell acoustic foams, carefully designed synthetic furs and virtually unbreakable, pliable thermoplastics has driven the development of new designs and success stories.